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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Nifty Little Quad - New Version Upgraded Hubsan X4 H107L 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter RTF Mode 2

I have since acquired two collective pitch Helicopters (Blade mCPX and Nano CPX) after I did a review on the Syma S107G about 3 years ago!

Recently I got myself another toy.

A new version upgraded Hubsan X4 H107L 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter RTF Mode 2.

The package came as expected but a little crumpled. Luckily the good internal packaging design kept the items within well and safe. The moment when I opened the box, the well finished glossy canopy of the X4 caught my attention. Charged the battery and flew it round my living room and this little thing is a blast! Extremely stable after initialising the gyro and at normal mode anybody can fly it around. Manoeuvring turns nicely needs some practice. Otherwise pirouette turns on the spot might just get it round the corners. After flying helicopters for some time, finding the forward direction after a few spins on the squarish quad is tricky as all sides looked the same. So recognising the blade colours or the LEDs to determine 'tail in' will make navigation less of a guessing game.

What disappoints me is are the stock blades. I gave it a few flights and one of the black ones keep popping off. I realised it was looser than the rest. I hope mine is a unique rare case. Luckily the package comes with spare blades. Once I got it changed, the X4 continues its blasting performance.

I hope I'll be able to get a set of replacement blades from T-Mart since the loose black one is not my fault though. I don't want to be using my spares so quickly...

Overall experience 4/5. I wished the transmitter would look more handsome. A little Toyish looking. Already considering another one with the camera option.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

SYMA S107G Review + Modifications + How NOT to fly your SYMA S107G

This is my 3-Channel SYMA (pronounced as 'sea-ma') S107G Coaxial Helicopter @ charging station.

Flying the extremely stable coaxial bird can be both fun and soothing. 

Modifications to my SYMA S107G
1) I took the tail supports and decorations off to reduce some weight hoping to fly it a little faster. I could have had the tail blade changed and modified too but decided that the initial 'amputation' was sufficient. It does fly a little faster considering now the bird actually does inch a little more forward during flight. So that is the fun aspect. 

2) I took the canopy off. Using the principles of moment, I moved the battery forward so that the front becomes 'heavier' without adding additional weight to the front. If the front is heavier, the heli will be pointing downwards more during flight that with the battery in its original position, thus making forward flight faster. Note: Remember to put back the canopy.

3) I modified the transmitter by taking out the spring out of the throttle stick and now the bird basically hovers hands-off (the transmitter). Note: Unless the bird is trimmed it will never sit in the air (hover) nicely. 


Slightly faster. If you push the throttle and the forward stick together, it moves even quicker. But do this only when your heli is in a low position. =)

It is quite relaxing to see it hover and move slowly across the room, right in front of you, flying high or low if I chose to fly it that way. Looking at the way it glides through the air gracefully and steadily can be therapeutic. But more often than not I would fly it quite aggressively. 

After countless initial crashes in the beginning while learning about the controls and flight characteristics, I can now take it anywhere and anyhow I wanted it to. (Within the limits of a 3-channel rc heli of course). 

A summary of what you should not do while flying SYMA S107G
1) Do not take it close to the ceiling. The bird will be sucked up. Nose dive after that to ground zero.
2) Do not fly close to the wall too. The same reasons as above but this time the suction direction is lateral rather than vertical.
3) Fly under NO WIND conditions in an enclosed area. The bird simply goes off course at the slightest breeze. Unless you are pretty good at the controls, you might crash it to the walls and find the bird at ground zero very soon.
4) Fly within transmitting range (i.e. <10m) and within sight.

Final Comments
While it is fun and easy to fly SYMA S107G, I am beginning to find it a little slow. The next step would be to fly a Fixed Pitch and a Collective Pitch Heli.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

T-Shirt Design - Children's Church Camp 2011 - Draft to Finish




Final - for print

T-Shirt Design from Draft to Finish. There are a couple of refinements in between which are not shown. But generally this is how a T-Shirt design process look like. The last one is the image used for printing.

T-Shirt Design - Children's Church Camp 2010

Bookmark for International Friendship Day 2010.

Bookmark Design for International Friendship Day 2010.
Bukit Batok Secondary School

Bukit Batok Secondary School Event Booklet Cover Design

Event Booklet Cover Design with Die-Cut Window.
A4 + Single Fold to A5

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

*NEW* Design Journaling SOS for Students & Educators

Daniel's Design Journal SOS

What you will find in there:
  • Mind-maps and notes and summaries I wrote on the whiteboard.
  • Mind-Maps on various design topics that will help you in your design journey.
  • Drawing ideas, suggestion and tips.
  • Other stuffs related to design.
Not everything about design journal tips are up yet.
So keep looking out for updates as we take this exciting journey on design...

Click under 'Daniel's LINKS' - Daniel's Design Journal SOS
(somewhere on the top right hand side of this blog) to get there.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

POSTER DESIGN: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. There's a forth one: Re-invent...

Poster Design by Daniel Lim via Sketchbook Pro (iPad)

Two Origami Toitoises made from a piece of bus ticket. Re-inventing waste.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Grocery Aid?

Holding on to Plastic Bag Handles
Gathering /Letting go of Plastic Bag Handles
My wife and I do our grocery shopping once a week in FairPrice at Jurong Point. Our favourite weekend morning getaway. There is hardly once we do not end up more than three full packets of food and household items on each hand. We were glad that custormers were allowed to push their trolleys all the way to the carpark in the basement of the shopping centre.

Unloading the bags of groceries in the boot is easy. Driving them home is easy. Parking the car back home is easy too.
But I ALWAYS dread it when it comes to bringing those bags home from the boot.

  • WHY? What might be the problem?
  • If you are the driver holding the car key, what other inconveniences can you identify?


  • Look at the two images above and make your observations.
  • Do your own experiment on the situation to experience it first hand.
  • Shadow someone.
  • Take note of this the next time you do grocery shopping with your family. Make sure you have lots of stuffs...

Next.... ASK:

  • What is the design need?
  • What is the design opportunity here?

Have FUN!

Monday, May 17, 2010

What are they for? Clear Plastic Bags filled with Water

This is another very familiar phenomenon in Hawker Centres and Coffeeshops in Singapore.
Sometimes you find stall owners hanging bags of water in clear plastic bags near their food display. Sometimes you find a few hanging beside the lightings.
  • What are they for?

Cup Questions

Imagine you are looking inside my cup. You see some ice, a straw, and three rather out-of-place semi-circled rods permanently stucked along the sides of the cup.
Make a guess:
  • What are those out-of-place semi-circled rods for?
  • What functions do you think they serve?
  • You do not see them in your regular cups don't you? Are they redundant features?
  • If you wash a few cups how do you dry them?
  • Is it possible to stack-em up and yet allow the cups to dry?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inclined Planes put to Good Use

Spotted: Bin @ Jurong Point B3 Carpark

Spotted: Bin @ Republic Polytechnic Library

  • What is the difference between the two bins?

  • Which bin do you think is a better design? Why so?

Spotted: Slope @ HDB Corridor

Walk around in your neighbourhood.

You'll find many inclined planed structures at the void-decks and the corridors.

Do you think a cat will be sleeping inside? What happens if you conveniently throw away your piece of crushed receipt inside there?

  • Have you ever thought why they were designed that way?
  • There are many other similar examples around you. Go find them.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Me on Xootr MG

Panning shot by Mr. Chia K.F with his Canon S90.

Me and my Xootr MG

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Designed for International Friendship Day @ BBSS 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010


T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design for ARPC Childrens' Church 2009.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Quotes: Design Attitudes

"When you think you arrived at a solution, think: 'What else?'"
~ Daniel Lim 12.04.10 ~
"A mistake becomes an opportunity for a solution.
A solution becomes an opportunity for a better solution.
If you never make mistakes, you haven't started".
~ Daniel Lim 12.04.10 ~

Friday, March 19, 2010

Origami Tortoise - The Complete Making Process

Here is a video showing all the steps to making the origami tortoise.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Xootr MG Kick Scooter

Shown with Xootr carry strap and Ergon GP1 grip & bell on the handle bar.
For safety, reflectors on both sides and LED fllash light in front.
Prevent water from splashing upwards on my rear, fender kit at the back of the deck.
In my neighbourhood, not all pathways are suitable for scootering. Nevertheless it cuts at least half my commuting time to school to and fro and doubled the fun. That's cool.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Hand-Carry Shoe Box by 'Mugigae' in Bugis Junction

Who says you need a plastic or paper bag for your shoe purchases?
The shop 'Mugigae' in Bugis Junction used an attached ribbons with both ends fastened to the (inner) side of the shoe box and pulled out from a neat slot from the (outer) cover. The well-decorated box is ready to be brought out of the shop without much hassle. And its cute too.
  • What are the advantages / disadvantages of this innovation?
  • What are the other products/object could adapt this idea of carrying/transportation?
  • Is there anyway this idea could be further developed and improved?

Saturday, November 07, 2009

$2 Big Magic Double-Sided Sucker

Those are definately good suckers. No hard feelings but they really sucks! =)
I got it from Cash Converter @ Jurong East for $2!!!
  • What is good / no good about this innovation?
  • Make a long list to suggest how else this innovation could be used.
  • How can this concept be modified / improved for other applications?
  • Does this idea have the potential to lead to other interesting solutions? What are they?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Changi Airport Terminal 3: House Fly in Urinal

Fly stickers for men only. Women don't get it. And don't need it.
Son: "Mum, there's a fly in the urinal that does not fly away even after being pissed full time".
Mum: 'Really, that's good and you are beginning to pee straight'.
  • Where else can you think of that needs the concept of 'aiming'?
  • Can you think of fun and humorous alternative ideas other than a fly for the urinal?
  • Is there any way to adapt the concept and make it useful for women???

Monday, September 28, 2009

Price Tag

Another interesting way to recycle your plastic spoons.
This shop owner decided to adapt it as a price tag.
  • Think of other uses for a plastic table spoon.
  • Think of alternatives ideas to display price tags interestingly?
  • What about disposable chopsticks?
  • What happens if it is possible to plant upside down?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shopping Cart Stops on a Travelator

The question: What makes the shopping cart stop once it gets on the travelator?
Fact #1 : The wheels (made of two discs and fixed on both ends of the shaft) remain free to rotate on the travelator!
Fact #2 : The shaft in between the wheels do not move.
Go to the nearest shopping centre with a travelator. Grab a shopping cart, go straight to the travelator, and then figure it out.
Have fun unlocking the mystery!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The World Through a Marble

View the world through a marble.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Slow Down - Caterpillas Crossing

My school has plenty of inch-long little black and yellow caterpillas roaming around everywhere. Yeap... everywhere. One moment one caterpillar would jaywalk across the carpark. Another moment a few would decide to cut across walkways.

Many of them did not survive their migration to the other side of the road. Not because they were caught by birds, but because they became squashed caterpillas. They don't look very delicious. And their brightly colored body may suggest that they are poisonous.

Since caterpillas cannot be taught how not to wander into human pathways, at least people can be reminded to watch out out for them.

So, I created this road sign and posted a few outside my office. =) All done in between breaks of course...

Friday, May 01, 2009

Uni Kuru Toga: The Mechanical Pencil

I'll never want to post any products on my blog cause that will be free advertisement.
This time I violated this rule because I found a mechanical pencil so 'WOW' I gotta share it with you. For those who pays attention to penciling details, you will be able to appreciate the innovation behind this. Simply simple and wonderful piece of invention that changes the way a mechanical pencil works. What can I say... go check it out.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NYPS Girls' Brigade 12th Coy Banner Making

I was asked one day to help the Girls' Brigade from Nanyang Primary School to design a banner for their drill competition I was a little apprehensive. I never designed a banner before.
Thanks Juliet for the wonderful experience!!!
The drawings were their childrens' and the coloring were done by them too.
What I did was to transfered and enlarged their ideas on the piece of cloth.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Design & Technology Conference 2009: Designerly Thinking

Design & Technology Conference 2009 (Singapore) . 16th March 2009.
I conducted one of the two-hour concurrent session on a two-stage ideation approach as a follow-up from the presentation on "The meaning of designing is meaningful designs" last year during the Design & Technology Seminar (Singapore) 2008.
In the previous presentation I touched on the overview of a lower secondary design approach. This year's focus zooms into the actual ideation process which emphasises on the attitude of an 'ideator' rather than merely a teaching of a certain technique to generate ideas quickly.
Learning or simply being aware (now) of such approach does help in generating ideas very quickly and efficiently, however, the quality mass of ideas at the end of the day still reflects the attitude of the thinker behind the ideation process.
Close to 30 Design & Technology educators from various schools got to understand the mechanisms to the approach as well as experiencing it via actually working on the process; hence the presentation title: "ACTUALLY DOING IT"
The second image shown above are some of my Secondary 1N(A) students who completed the note holder design just in time to be showcased during the presentation. It was pleasant to hear comments from fellow educators that they were amazed that the Secondary 1 normal (academic) students could design a note holder with such quality in terms of design.

Why not?... but not without the persoanl attitude to want to think and to put in the best effort.
Tools and techniques are but just tools and techniques...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cartoons on the Reality of Self Affirmation AND Technique for Relaxation

All Art Copyright © 2009 by Daniel Lim.Use of graphics is prohibited without prior written consent.

It is one thing to tell yourself to be positive and another to act it out. Self -affirmation as taught by many trainers (and teachers) only tell you to be positive and think positive. They often fail to emphasize the ACTION bit which happens to be only ingredient that make things work. It is no wonder that there are so many people who go (or forced to go) to a motivation talk, get emotional, and then after that move on with nothing changed or improved.
But I'm sure the trainers are happy, they got your MONEY!!! =)
All Art Copyright © 2009 by Daniel Lim.Use of graphics is prohibited without prior written consent.
Sitting down and belly (not 'barely') breathing with soothing music is one technique to relax. I learn it when the trainers shared this with the 4N(A) students in a motivation talk session.
Not sure if the students got the message cause I can see that they are already talking among themselves. While I keep myself busy conceptualising the talk and then 'cartooned' it. =)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ang Pao Box & Wedding Card for a Friend

An Ang Pao Box for my wife's good friend's wedding on 27 December 2008.

(Caricature) Wedding Card

Design and Artwork by Daniel Lim (2008)

Copyright © 2008 Daniel Lim.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Caricature - Daniel Lim

All Art Copyright © 2009 by Daniel Lim.Use of graphics is prohibited without prior written consent.
Can you recognise this guy???
Caricature Artist: Daniel Lim
For more caricatures, take a stroll to

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Mr. Steve Chiu, Creative Director of Pencil Box IDP, shared his experiences as a practicing designer in a 'Meet-a-Designer' (M.a.D) session organised by the Design & Technology Educators Society (DTES) Singapore.

I was there on time. We all had a worksheet each.

Most people took notes.
Some summarised in a few sentences.
Few managed to write key words.
One "cartoon'ed". =)

Here are few lessons to share with you from today's M.a.D session.

© All rights reserved
I know... you don't really understand. That's because you were not there! Then try interpreting them in your own ways and perhaps you may gain alternative insights! Share with me if you have!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Buddy-Up : Stool

The buddy-stool design was conceived in Oct 2007 in sketches.
© All rights reserved
Now drawn using the Windows PowerPoint applications.
Nothing fanciful. At least something done.

© All rights reserved

So what's next? Illustration and Rendering in a professional 3-D software? Or...
Perhaps very soon in the near future, you'll see some of my designs made and on sales.
The last one sounds more exciting.

For more Design Samples:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

'Simply' Cylinder Tower Clock

Tower Clock
© All rights reserved

All Art Copyright 2008 by Daniel Lim.Use of graphics is prohibited without prior written consent.

For More Design Concepts take a stroll to

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Clock Design Sketches

Sometimes this is what I do during meetings... good place for inspirations.

© All rights reserved
Visit for sketches / doodles / designs to feast your eyes or for some design inspirations.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chair Concept by Daniel Lim

Here is an extract of a chair design concept which I created in October 2007. The habit of always searching for alternatives got me this...

© All rights reserved.
This design shows an alternative design of the flexible back rest by repositioning and transferring the damper mechanism to the legs of the chair. The 'V' shape at the front or back leg at the base, connection the back rest, as shown in the two variations above provide the dampening effect as the user leans backwards.

With a simply relocation of a pivot point, it has also contributed to the overall form creating a new look. Strength and durability at the pivot point need to be looked into.

The concept of a one piece chair is proposed to be made entirely of acrylic or laminated wood. It would definately need some modifications to the one piece idea, move on with some compromise and hopfully which need not drastically alter its initial form.

For more Design Samples, take a stroll to Enjoy!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Second is not an Option, Neither is First

SECOND is not an option;
As if being FIRST is.
FIRST does require exceeding efforts;
As if being SECOND doesn’t.

Being FIRST or SECOND is actually neither good nor bad;
Until unhealthy competitions and comparisons becomes the fad.

Be the FIRST to love,
Be the FIRST to serve, and
Be the FIRST to give & contribute;
Be the LAST who contradicts.
As if these are important. They actually are.

Composed by Daniel Lim, 06.12.07

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Second Mouse Get the Cheese

The Early Bird Gets the Worm.
TRUE . BUT on the other hand...
IT is the Second Mouse who will Get the Cheese

There is no need to hurry to be first.
It is common, but not necessary;
Sooner could be bitter; later could be sweeter.

There is a need to slow down to be later,
It is not common, but necessary.
Later could be better; sooner could be disaster.

Fine, if someone gets there before you in a hurry.
“LOOK! ...” The first mouse grabs the cheese in a scurry. “…SNAP!!!”
Who is wise if “The Second Mouse Get the Cheese”?

The shallow says it is due fate and a mere coincidence;
The wise recognizes that it is due deliberate efforts and due diligence:
There can be no wine; if there is no fermenting.
There can be no mayonnaise; if you ignore emulsion.

The world is rolled flat for a rat race;
Progressing fast and furious for all its worth.
Recognitions and rewards set the pace;
Accumulating awards and achievements set his worth.

A mouse trap for many,
A sounding warning to detour for few;
For the returns of gratifications and pleasures are high,
But for the latter, the returns of contentment and joy are higher.

But this I know, this other little thing about being first;
It is necessary to be first,
If you know what is to come, but not from you,
That might be bitter and not sweeter; disaster and not better.

Composed by Daniel Lim, 01.12.07

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Concept Innovation: Gravity Works on TAP

Existing tap designs work on pressing the top and spring mechanism within the cap activates thereafter to shut off the water flow. The more advanced and modern designs come with levers and sensors. The tradition taps which requires rotating the handle is becoming obsolete.

There could be a simpler way of working a tap. One which will cost less to manufacture, less maintenance and one which neither rely on mechanisms nor electronics to work and minimize water wastage.

This tap innovation concept was created and presented in the Jurong Medical Centre on 6th September 2007 as part of an Experiential Innovation Protocol Workshop Program is shown below.

© All rights reserved.
The valve within the cap is shut when the cap of the tap is at the rest position. The user lifts up the cap and water will start flowing. The rate of fall of the cap will depend on the rate of flow of water. Research needs to be done to make sure that the cap will continue to fall at a rate to facilitate a complete hand washing process of approximately 10 seconds taking in consideration the average water flow rate of a HDB flat. The user will have a choice of shutting the tap earlier by adding pressure to the cap hence shutting the valve. Otherwise, the cap will fall slowly via gravity to shut the water supply valve internally.

Recommended usage: Toilet. Not suitable for dishwashing area due to the 10 seconds gravity shut off.
For more Design Samples, take a stroll to

Bills Sorter

Designed and realised in May 2005, the bill sorter design was planned to sort out unpaid bills. The concept is simple, if there is nothing on it, that will mean no unpaid bills. Below are sample sketches at the CONCEPTUAL & IDEATION stage.

© All rights reserved.

© All rights reserved.

The ability to represent ideas in the forms of quick sketches in a variety of appropriate drawing perspectives helps the designer to further explore and evaluate the idea. I name this process 'Paper Talk'. Exploded views are presented frequently and act as valuable visual aids to show how parts interact and how they can be assembled.

© All rights reserved.

The actual (not assembled) paper cut out model according to the proposed dimensions is also shown above. The image below shows the actual product.

© All rights reserved.