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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chair Concept by Daniel Lim

Here is an extract of a chair design concept which I created in October 2007. The habit of always searching for alternatives got me this...

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This design shows an alternative design of the flexible back rest by repositioning and transferring the damper mechanism to the legs of the chair. The 'V' shape at the front or back leg at the base, connection the back rest, as shown in the two variations above provide the dampening effect as the user leans backwards.

With a simply relocation of a pivot point, it has also contributed to the overall form creating a new look. Strength and durability at the pivot point need to be looked into.

The concept of a one piece chair is proposed to be made entirely of acrylic or laminated wood. It would definately need some modifications to the one piece idea, move on with some compromise and hopfully which need not drastically alter its initial form.

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