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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Second Mouse Get the Cheese

The Early Bird Gets the Worm.
TRUE . BUT on the other hand...
IT is the Second Mouse who will Get the Cheese

There is no need to hurry to be first.
It is common, but not necessary;
Sooner could be bitter; later could be sweeter.

There is a need to slow down to be later,
It is not common, but necessary.
Later could be better; sooner could be disaster.

Fine, if someone gets there before you in a hurry.
“LOOK! ...” The first mouse grabs the cheese in a scurry. “…SNAP!!!”
Who is wise if “The Second Mouse Get the Cheese”?

The shallow says it is due fate and a mere coincidence;
The wise recognizes that it is due deliberate efforts and due diligence:
There can be no wine; if there is no fermenting.
There can be no mayonnaise; if you ignore emulsion.

The world is rolled flat for a rat race;
Progressing fast and furious for all its worth.
Recognitions and rewards set the pace;
Accumulating awards and achievements set his worth.

A mouse trap for many,
A sounding warning to detour for few;
For the returns of gratifications and pleasures are high,
But for the latter, the returns of contentment and joy are higher.

But this I know, this other little thing about being first;
It is necessary to be first,
If you know what is to come, but not from you,
That might be bitter and not sweeter; disaster and not better.

Composed by Daniel Lim, 01.12.07

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