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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Concept Innovation: Gravity Works on TAP

Existing tap designs work on pressing the top and spring mechanism within the cap activates thereafter to shut off the water flow. The more advanced and modern designs come with levers and sensors. The tradition taps which requires rotating the handle is becoming obsolete.

There could be a simpler way of working a tap. One which will cost less to manufacture, less maintenance and one which neither rely on mechanisms nor electronics to work and minimize water wastage.

This tap innovation concept was created and presented in the Jurong Medical Centre on 6th September 2007 as part of an Experiential Innovation Protocol Workshop Program is shown below.

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The valve within the cap is shut when the cap of the tap is at the rest position. The user lifts up the cap and water will start flowing. The rate of fall of the cap will depend on the rate of flow of water. Research needs to be done to make sure that the cap will continue to fall at a rate to facilitate a complete hand washing process of approximately 10 seconds taking in consideration the average water flow rate of a HDB flat. The user will have a choice of shutting the tap earlier by adding pressure to the cap hence shutting the valve. Otherwise, the cap will fall slowly via gravity to shut the water supply valve internally.

Recommended usage: Toilet. Not suitable for dishwashing area due to the 10 seconds gravity shut off.
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