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Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Grocery Aid?

Holding on to Plastic Bag Handles
Gathering /Letting go of Plastic Bag Handles
My wife and I do our grocery shopping once a week in FairPrice at Jurong Point. Our favourite weekend morning getaway. There is hardly once we do not end up more than three full packets of food and household items on each hand. We were glad that custormers were allowed to push their trolleys all the way to the carpark in the basement of the shopping centre.

Unloading the bags of groceries in the boot is easy. Driving them home is easy. Parking the car back home is easy too.
But I ALWAYS dread it when it comes to bringing those bags home from the boot.

  • WHY? What might be the problem?
  • If you are the driver holding the car key, what other inconveniences can you identify?


  • Look at the two images above and make your observations.
  • Do your own experiment on the situation to experience it first hand.
  • Shadow someone.
  • Take note of this the next time you do grocery shopping with your family. Make sure you have lots of stuffs...

Next.... ASK:

  • What is the design need?
  • What is the design opportunity here?

Have FUN!

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